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Looking for Mario Maker on iPhone/Android? Block Bros. is a challenging online action game with features more of everything you love! Jump, climb, kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of levels ! Stages can be created by YOU or your fellow players to showcase a tremendous variety in design and difficulty!

The game is simple to play, but once you see some of the stages the players have designed, you'll realize there's much more to it than simple platform hopping !

Collect your favorite characters, have people rate/comment on your levels, compete with other players on time-attack leaderboard... There are many ways to find fun in this game!


100個以上のクエストとみんなの作ったステージを楽しもう! プレイはジャンプして壁キックするだけ!シンプルでいて、ブロックの組み合わせ次第でかんたんなステージから激ムズなパズルステージまで様々つくれて、奥が深い。


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